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Everything I wrote for this entry got deleted as well, so bare with me if the following re-write sounds a little aggressive. Or maybe it doesn't - we'll see.

Upon leaving the California Academy of Sciences, I decide to go take a look at the Peace Festival, which is happening in the space right in between the Academy and the deYoung. This event consists in a series of free talks, workshops and activities revolving around the theme of - you guessed it - peace. Free restorative yoga? Count me in. Though the festivities are more or less wrapping up by the time I arrive, making me wish I could have been a part of this cool happening, I am still able to experience the feelings of warmth and solidarity radiating from the participants. Hopefully the Peace Festival will also take place next year!

I then make my way to the San Francisco Botanical Garden, located basically at the 9th Avenue entrance of the park. By the time I get there, the temperature has considerably cooled down, no doubt thanks to Carl the Fog having decided to make his late afternoon appearance. Because it's so chilly, I decide to limit this visit to the northern side of the garden and save the rest of the grounds for another time.

Entrance to the garden is free to SF residents (woot woot!), and I once more pull out my surprisingly useful Labcorp bill to be allowed in. The first thing I notice upon entry is a large, unmissable green meadow filled with geese, beautiful trees and immersed book readers. The grass is a little too green, if you ask me, especially given California's state of drought. (Which then makes me wonder about the amount of water required to maintain the entire botanical garden...)

The most memorable section is, for me, the Garden of Fragrance. As its name suggests, this garden-within-a-garden displays plants and flowers with wonderful, potent smells. A sign invites visitors to get close and personal with the plants, and I oblige a little too eagerly, which causes me to break into a sneezing frenzy. Allergy-prone readers, be warned.

I look forward to exploring the rest of the Botanical Garden sometime in the near future!

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