mtl // cinko + banq

Three things that happen when it gets *somewhat* warm in Montreal (by warm, I mean above 5 degrees):

  • No one wears coats. Or sweaters.
  • Booty shorts are back.
  • Restaurants set up their terrasses and everyone eats outside.

Last weekend, Joyce, Ilyana and I met up at Cinko, our favorite cheap eat (after Vua), where we conceded to the third of these things. The three of us have a wonderful time catching up under the sun. Joyce gets the Banana Split cocktail (after asking for our permission), and we make our respective orders: Joyce tries the fish tacos, Ilyana the beef chili, and I opt for my usual veggie burger with fries.

Afterward, Ilyana takes us for an adventure: Joyce and I discover BAnQ (Bibliothèque des Archives nationales du Québec, for you francophones out there), which I am ashamed to admit I did not even know existed, despite living but fifteen minutes away...

Inaugurated in 2005, BAnQ is a result of a collaboration between architect firms Patkau Architects (Vancouver), Croft-Pelletier (QC) and Gilles Guité (MTL). It's a contemporary architectural marvel, inside and out. (Fun fact: the exterior façade is composed of 6,300 glass panels.) The children's section is so beautiful it's actually overwhelming, and Joyce repeatedly teases me for my hyperventilating. We then head upstairs to the study areas, which are quiet, airy and, most importantly, filled with natural light. BAnQ also has a huge collection of magazines, including really obscure, independent fashion, design and art publications. WHAAAAAT.

BAnQ will definitely be my go-to study/work spot this summer!

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