mtl // suwu + wawel + new cat!

I'm back in Montreal for my FINAL SEMESTER OF COLLEGE. Tabern****. That went by much too fast.

Joyce, my dear partner-in-crime, wanted to try a new place last weekend. We thus headed over to SuWu, that "place with the plants in the windows" on St.Laurent. You know, that one.

Joyce arrives with an assortment of cat-themed stationery gifts for me from Japan. She has just returned from a wonderful trip there with her parents. (Also, she has a new blog, and it's pretty legit. 'Bout time she jumped on the bandwagon.)

SuWu is ultra hipster, but what brunch place isn't in the Plateau? Sitting at the bar, Joyce and I catch up on life while eyeing dozens of mimosas being delivered to various groups. We skip the drinks, and go straight for the food: Joyce orders a ham and cheese frittata, and I the bagel BLT. Both are on point.

For dessert, we cross the street and I introduce Joyce to my new favorite bakery, Wawel Patisserie-Boulangerie. Though I don't think its bread or pastries are made on site (no smell), Wawel has the authentic look of a European boulangerie-patisserie, and brings back memories from my childhood. My grandparents would take me to the bakery and I would always order a brioche, eating the top first, then the bottom. Today, I decide to try the apple strudel, and Joyce goes for a slice of cheesecake. They do not disappoint.

ALSO: we have a new roommate! His name is Oscar. He's a cat, he's four years old, very talkative, cuddly and affectionate. Meghan adopted him from the SPCA on Friday afternoon, and we were all ecstatic to meet this furry fellow (especially Lydia and I, since we both have cats back home). Morris has some serious competition.

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