(re)exploring hudson

My parents used to take us to Hudson a few times a year, especially during the fall and winter seasons, when we were younger. Our friend Mark has a gorgeous renovated barn a few minutes' drive from the village, and that's where we would stay. Recently, the 'rents decided they were over the Hamptons life (can I get an atheist hallelujah?), and switched over to the Light side: Upstate New York. In Hudson, the only people you'll see wearing Ralph Lauren polos are doing so ironically. It's incredibly refreshing to be amongst effortless hipsters instead of snobbish Real Housewives, hedge fund a-holes and their Blair Waldorf/Chuck Bass children.

On Saturday, the Gimo girls join us to explore the 2nd Annual Basilica Farm and Flea, a gigantic artisan market located in the Hudson Basilica, a forge and foundry built in 1880 and reconverted into a popular venue for weddings, concerts and other events. Tons of vintage plaid shirts, denim jackets, worn out US flags, felted animals and edgy jewelry. So inspiration, much drool.


Mom takes Olympe and I to Moto, a café/motorcycle gear shop hybrid. Olympe gets the hot chocolate, which takes more like hot milk, but that's perfectly fine - the locale makes up for it.


For dinner, we head over to Talbott & Arding, a lovely cheese shop from which we buy cheese, a delicious leek soup and local apples. Nom nom nom. While the parents head over to the movie theater, Olympe and I cuddle up in our new room and spend some quality sister time watching Humans, an insane new show about synthetic humans I had completely missed this summer. It's particularly interesting because I took a Managing Innovation course this semester, in which we spent quite some time discussing singularity and Bill Joy's ominous article Why the Future Doesn't Need Us. (If you're into singularity, I recommend Ex Machina as well! Just saw it last week with the roommates and the only phrase we could come up to describe it was: "That's fucked.")

On our way back to the city on Sunday, we make a lunch stop at The Hop, a brasserie in Beacon. Mom and Olympe order regular burgers, while I get a fabulous black lentil version. All three come with delicious homemade tater tots, and we are greatly tempted to pull a Napoleon Dynamite and stuff some in our pockets for later. You never know when you'll be craving those bad boys.

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