friendsgiving 2015

This Thanksgiving, we head upstate to Bluestone Farm to see our dearest friends. I believe it's our fifteenth or sixteenth friendship anniversary this year, which makes me feel quite old (wishing Hortense a happy 20th was strange enough).

We take a walk around the grounds, paying a visit to all the animals (donkeys, horses, goat, chickens,  ducks, barn cats...) accompanied by none other than Carla and Elvire, the classiest French dogs in town.

Late afternoon, we are joined by the lovely Camille, who updates us on the exponential growth of Article 22, as well as by some neighboring friends. One family brings their massive dog Paco, who's nearly as tall as a pony (think Belle from Belle and Sebastien - the movie, that is). As per every Thanksgiving, dinner has been planned long in advance (in fact, the following year's menu is decided even before the first appetizers are served!).

Here's a little list of some of the delicious dishes we had, before I proceed to bombarding you with food pics:

dips from Milos served with baguette and pita 
baked brie infused with garlic

Entrées & Sides
Martine the turkey
Sophie's famous stuffing
pomegranate salad
mashed potatoes
brussel sprouts
roasted root vegetables

cranberry sauce

granité de pommes à la vodka

apple-rhubarb crumble
pecan pie
bavarois au chocolat with crème anglaise

Everything was homemade, unless indicated otherwise!


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