atheistmas 2015

On the menu:

Endives with cream and salmon eggs

Chestnut purée
Haricots verts
Pommes de terres sautées
Honey duck confit with sauteéd pears

Buche de noël from Payard

Olympe received half a dozen rap albums, some books, Madewell accessories and a super cute Moonrise Kingdom embroidered hoop I got her on Etsy. Dad got a watch and an electric saw (which we didn't even bother opening inside the apartment - thank Yeezus). Mom got yet another handbag, as well as Jonathan Adler's beautiful ceramic Kiki's Derrière. Oh, and Olympe wrote her a beautiful short anthology of poems, which I helped her turn into a little zine.

I was equally bien gâtée, as we say in French. Dad got me a gift card for Végo, which I definitely won't fail to make use of. I also received Delphine de Vigan's new book, a plaid shirt Mom had found on my secret Pinterest wishlist board (I need to be more careful!) and, the ultimate present: a loom! Now I can weave away and make all those wall hangings I've been lusting after.

As usual, Morris was deeply confused and seemed really upset the entire night. We didn't even dress him up! Maybe it has to do with the fact he only got one present, and it was one of those noisy toys he already had.

The evening ended with a long overdue screening of Mean Girls, which I hadn't seen it over ten years (no joke). It's a solid alternative to Love Actually and The Holiday.

Bonus upset Morris:

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