mcgill food show

After eight months of being 'out and about', as they say here in Canada, I'm finally back in Montreal. As usual, McGill has been holding a bunch of events before the start of classes. Yesterday, Meghan and I decided to check out the McGill A La Carte Food Show. We were able to sample many different foods, including rolls by Bento, croissants from Première Moisson, vegan brownies, bagels, yoghurts, pork burritos from Quesada and banh-mis from Vinh's. Free food on campus, anyone?

McGill also has a rather recent tradition of breaking food records. In my first year, they made the world's largest fruit salad, and last year they baked the world's largest brownie. 2015 is the year of the world's largest smoothie. By 4pm, a team of staff and volunteers had blended an enormous 3,121 litre smoothie, which was poured into a giant container for all to admire. As usual, Guiness Book of Records officials were there to inspect the feat. There was more than enough of the giant concoction for everyone - in fact, by 7pm we were encouraged to fill up our bottles with as much as we wished. I still have some in the fridge.

To top it all off, Busty and the Bass played a free concert on Lower Field (somewhat competing with the lousy DJ set at OAP). It's good to be back.


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