washington weekend // day 2

The weather is not nearly as good as the previous day, but Hannah and I are determined to make the most of it! Plus, life-chats don't require the elements to be in our favor.

In the morning, Hannah invites me to brunch at Mad Hatter, where we meet up with her long-time friend Sarah Grace and her roommate Corey. It's a double date, roommate edition! The girls are both lovely, and we have a great time chatting about the most random stuff. Of course, Hannah lushes over her French Toast, which she swears is the best she's ever had (looks like the RVC caf has some serious competition).

It starts pouring as we leave the restaurant, so we take refuge in the nearby National Museum of Women in the Arts. This institution is entirely devoted to artworks created by women. Hannah and I marvel at pieces by big names such as Frida Kahlo, and new discoveries like Petah Coyne, who made the beautiful pink and white wax dress pictured below.

When we exit the museum, it's pouring so much we have no option but to head over to Hannah's place in Crystal City. A few life chats and terrible (but hilarious and addicting) Glee episodes later, we've dried enough to head back out for dinner. Hannah lends me a sweater before we head out to Good Stuff Eatery, D.C.'s Bareburger copycat. Our meal is followed by an unavoidable excursion to Coldstone Creamery, where I discover the magic of mixing toppings into the ice cream!

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