july 4th weekend at bluestone farm

The last time I came up to Bluestone Farm was a blast. For July 4th, my parents and sister also spent the weekend with the Gimo family, so our gang was nearly complete (we were missing Celeste, who sadly was at her performing arts sleepaway camp).

As usual, we started by greeting the sheep, horses and donkeys, then proceeded to feeding the chickens and unsuccessfully trying to catch Mochi, the ginormous rabbit.

The weekend was full of delicious meals cooked by Sophie, who's a true barbecue expert. She made us steak, hot dogs, sausages, fresh coleslaw and french fries. Hortense had also prepared a chocolate mousse that was so well made it gave me flashbacks to childhood bistro lunches with my grandparents. And as if all of these dishes weren't filling enough, we topped off our dinners with decadent s'mores by the fire pit (followed by a decadent dance party based solely on requests - Plastic Bertrand and Boy George, anyone?). On our last morning, the amish butter and farm-fresh eggs made for an excellent Sunday breakfast.

The highlight for all of us, though, was the apple cider truck parked at a horse-race event we dropped by on Saturday. I mean, a truck filled with alcohol? How brilliant is that? (And also dangerous, I guess.)

I also managed to get some shots of Bluestone Farm's beautiful interiors. Sophie has nailed the barn-chic style.

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