bergen // day 3

The weather is a slight improvement from yesterday...perfect for shopping, I guess!
  • Retro - Hipster clothes.
  • Vrimmel - Slightly less hipster clothes, but cool selection nonetheless (they’re probably popular for being one of the only Marc by Marc Jacobs retailers around).
  • KODE shop - I don’t actually visit the museum (I’ve done plenty of that already, thank you very much), but do pay a visit to its gift store. The latter makes me discover a number of great coffeetable books, including Scandinavian Graphic Design, The Monocle Guide to Better Living, Ai Weiwei: Interviews and Urban Gardening.
  • Kanel - Cute little home decor and coffee shop.
  • Nordi - The local Barnes & Noble. Some books I add to my wish list: Mountain Modern, Bright Bazaar, How to be an Explorer of the World, Geek Art, Sick Rose, Why your Five year Old Could not Have Done That, home style by city, Ikea Hacking, Creative Spaces and My Own Business Card.
  • Kraft - A collective gallery space. Upstairs, I see an incredible installation piece by Kader Attia, Ghost. I also very much enjoy a short film by Kaia Hugin entitled Motholitic Mobble.

For lunch I return to Anne Madam, and this time around try the student menu, a mixed plateful consisting of fish cakes, potatoes and carrots. Again, I’m not disappointed by this incredibly simple, yet very flavorful meal.

And then, more shopping:

  • Second Love - Super well curated vintage/thrift store. You cannot miss this one!
  • Litteraturhuset - A great space to pick out a book, to relax or even to eat lunch (it has a nice restaurant).
  • Robot - Fantastic vinyl and book store. Expensive, but what isn’t over here...
  • Mogs - Another nice clothing store with brands such as Second Female, Munthe and St. Tropez.
  • My last stop is at Sostrene Grene. If you’re into DIY projects or party planning as much as I am, than this will be your favorite stop. Plus, everything is super cheap! It’s like a tasteful Michael’s. I can’t resist buying a set of wooden beads, both in neon and natural colors, which I plan on making statement jewelry pieces with. I also buy a garland and two bowls for my mom, as well as an adorable jewelry tray for Olympe.

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