bergen // day 2

The weather this morning is AWFUL. I’ve been really lucky thus far, so I won’t complain too much - but still. Bergen is supposed to be the one city where I spend the most time enjoying the outdoors! Fortunately, the University Museum of Cultural History has plenty to keep me occupied. I read every single piece of text in the church art exhibit (I’m still not sure how I managed to stay awake), as well as in the viking and Ibsen rooms. For a university museum, it’s actually very complete.

It’s still pouring when I exit the museum, but the Maritime Museum is luckily less than a minute away. There, I get to see many models of ships and steamboats, as well as submarines. It’s not really my cup of tea - better than being outside, though.

For lunch I grab a curry fish wrap from Sostrene Hagelin, before heading over to the extremely disappointing Fisketorget fish market. Everything is overpriced, and there are barely more than three vendors. Perhaps it's more lively during the summer? Either way, I’m glad I didn’t get lunch there. For dessert I step into Godt Brod and order a cinnamon roll. For the record, I’m not a fan of cinnamon at all, so the only reason I’m making the effort to get one is because I know they’re a local specialty. And while I’m still not a cinnamon roll person, this one is rather godt.

After this, I explore the historic area of Bryggen. I recommend you stay away from the ultra-tacky Christmas and souvenir shops, as well as from the poor-taste galleries in this area. On the other hand, you should most certainly wander between these architectural treasures. Don’t hesitate to climb up the stairs to get a view of Bryggen’s narrow alleys from above.

Finally, I visit the Bergenhus Fortress Museum, which has an interesting exhibit depicting Bergen’s role and involvement in WWII, particularly with its resistance movement. Because it’s not yet tourist season (aka summer), most museums are closed. I am, however, able to walk through the Bergenhus Fortress, where I get a closer view at the imposing Rosenkrantz Tower and Haakon’s Hall. The Sverresborg fortress is just a few minutes climb, and, in my opinion, gives you the best panoramic view of Bergen.

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