bergen // day 1

Just as Oslo is growing on me, it’s time for me to say goodbye. I board the morning train at the station, and soon enough, I’m off again! The ride to Bergen is over seven hours long, but it really just feels like two at most! I wish Paris-NY plane journeys would go by as fast... The scenery is so stunning, I don’t even bother pulling out a book to read. Instead, I spend the entire trip looking out the window, observing the changing landscape. As we gain altitude, the forest is replaced by snowy hills. At one of the towns we stop at, there are even houses completely buried under the snow! Johnny would shit his pants. Closer to Bergen, I spot some old houses like ones at the Folkemuseet! There’s also free, unlimited tea and hot chocolate, so I inevitably help myself many times along the way.

I arrive at the train station in Bergen, and my host Amanda kindly meets me there to hand me the keys. I get slightly lost on the way to her house, but it’s simply lovely to wander Bergen’s slanted streets and enjoy its little colorful houses. To my delight Amanda’s apartment is located in one of these authentic houses I love! A tight staircase leads me into her low-ceilinged home. My room is small, but cosy, and tight kitchen is super cute.

Once settled in, I take the Floibanen funicular to the top of Mount Floyen. My guide says the journey should take 6-7 minutes, but it only really takes two at most. Up top, there’s a great view of the entire city. If I had to do it again, I would go in the morning, so as not to have the sun facing the wrong way (I still manage to get decent photos, though). The 40-minute walk down is surprisingly steep, and I’m grateful for having taken the funicular on the way up!

All this (downhill) walking has made me hungry, and I gladly order a fish soup at Anne Madam. For around 40 NOK, it’s super tasty and definitely authentic (the place seems to be a popular spot amongst locals as well). I top it all off with an Oreo McFlurry from the quaintest McDonald’s I’ve ever been to.

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