laurel's birthday // cafe andamiro + press coffee

Yesterday was Laurel's birthday, so we went to a little Korean/Japanese place called Andamiro to celebrate. Laurel orders the bibimbap and I am about to do the same until I notice the girl at the table beside ours is biting into a salmon onigiri. And I love onigiri. Plus, I haven't had one in ages. So I ditch the Korean option and go for some edamame and salmon onigiri instead.

I'm also intrigued by the matcha latte everyone around us seems to be ordering, so I get one as well. It's definitely a little lukewarm when it arrives, and not the tastiest thing in the world, but hey, it photographs wonderfully.

For dessert we head to Press Coffee, which is just around the corner. Press Coffee is not to be mistaken with Presse Café, our local coffee joint in Montreal. This café is much more hipster. Laurel and I share a delicious chocolate cake thing, which, we both agree, tastes like a very upscale version of the chocolate brownie Cliff bar (you know exactly what I'm referring to).

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