weekend in the lake district // day 2

After a nice complimentary breakfast, we head over for a hike near Ambleside. The climb up is not too challenging, and takes around twenty minutes. It’s well worth it, as the views are priceless. I quickly realize that we’re actually on the very mountain we had a view of from the hostel.

Once we get down from our hike, we go for a cruise around Lake Windermere. The long, thin lake stretches for 10.5 miles, and it takes our boat thirty minutes to just go through half of it. It makes a stop at Brockhole Castle, which half the passengers get off the boat to visit. Instead, our group continues to Bowness on Windermere, another touristy village. My inner child takes me to The World of Beatrix Potter, which we don’t have time to visit, but get a glimpse of through the gift shop. It takes me much restraint to stop myself from buying Peter Rabbit mugs and tea boxes...

We board the bus and take a curvy, bumpy and hilly road up the mountains. Because my bus has a head start, we make a photo stop at the scenic edge of Ullswater. This is the lake where, in 1955, Duncan Campbell built a famous boat called Bluebird.

Our time in the Lake District ends with a beautiful hike in Aira Force, where we see a series of waterfalls and lovely stone bridges.

On the way back, I finish my current read, Dan Matthews’ Committed. This witty, honest autobiography takes me through the history of PETA and teaches me tons about the organization’s various campaigns.

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