cramond island + lauriston castle

UoE has a wonderful organizations called the 'Buddies Society', which places international students in small groups with both full-time Edinburgh students and other visiting students. They've organized a number of fun events this semester, but I was unfortunately only able to make it to this one and to the one in Leith (we ate at a great carvery there).

This morning we take the 41 bus to Cramond Island, located in the Firth of Forth in Edinburgh. I later learn that this island is actually the second oldest known site of human habitation in Scotland - cool, eh?

The tide is low so we are able to walk to the island. However, we are nearly swept away by giant gushes of wind!

We then take the 41 bus back a couple of stops to Lauriston Castle. The castle's original part, its tower house, was built in 1590, but its extension was only added in in 1823. The interiors were decorated in 1903, and have been left exactly the same as they were at that time (the last living owner, Mrs.Reed, died in 1926 and donated Lauriston Castle to Scotland).

Mr.Reed was a wealthy furniture maker, and his passion for the decorative arts truly shows in his sumptuous home. Though it may appear dated today, the castle was modern beyond its time: the Reeds indeed had access to a telephone, to running water, to electricity, to central heating and to a very early version of what we now know as the vacuum cleaner.

The house has a great view of Cramond Island, as well as of a field full of adorable (you guessed it) sheep.

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