mtl à table: newtown

Last month, Joyce, Wei Wei and I decided to splurge treat ourselves to on one of MTL à Table's restaurant offerings. Joyce chose Newtown, an upscale place on Crescent Street.

We all opted for the tapas platter as a starter, which featured an assortment of six different meat samples. From a luxurious corndog to classic fried calamari, this was definitely a solid start to the meal. Wei-Wei and I then chose the delicious pulled pork burger, while Joyce went for the classy fish tacos (I just realized Joyce always gets fish tacos when I go out with her, haha).

Our choice of desert was not even a question. Notice how I unconsciously cut the other choice (probably a fruit salad) off my photo of the menu. Yes, we went for the fried brownie. Yes, it was decadent and perhaps too heavy. But it wasn't bad (you can't go wrong with chocolate...) - just a little too much.

A lovely girls' night out!

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