tv on the radio @ corona theater

I recently saw TV on the Radio live. As a long-time fan (I remember listening to 'Staring at the Sun' back in 2004, when my parents would repeatedly play their album in the car), I had rather high expectations. TV on the Radio are fine performers. Unfortunately, the sound quality at Corona was pretty sub-par that night: not only was singer Tunde Adebimpe difficult to hear, but guitar sounds were also muffled to the point where I felt like I was at a bad metal concert. The more electronic songs actually turned out better.

I was also rather disappointed by the songs off their new album, Seeds. Apart from 'Happy Idiot' (see music video below), none of the others really appealed to me, and I kept hoping every next song would be one off of Dear Science, Return to Cookie Mountain or Nine Types of Light.

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