presents + robin des bois

Last week I had a lovely time celebrating my birthday and one-year friendship anniversary with my roommates. These cool cats know me all too well: they got me crafty, tasteful gifts that I can't wait to use. Cute notebooks, soap, highlighters, a New York print, Garance Doré stationery and a student cookbook (in French). That, and so much love.


Hannah had the great idea of going to a restaurant called Robin des Bois. Since there were seven of us, we pretty much tested out the entire menu. I had the 'bowl of freshness', Hannah had the tilapia, Grace had a deer burger, Lydia a veggie burger, and Meghan, Anna and Anya the chicken.

For desert, a surprise awaited me at home: Meghan bought me an apple crumble, which we threw in the microwave and devoured. A proper snack of choice.

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