crêpes + mast brothers

I turned 19 last week. Yes, that old. Yet the inner child in me still craved crêpes, so that's what we went for.

To my knowledge, Pâtes et Traditions is the only crêperie in New York that actually makes real crêpes. Not those wannabe crêpes from Vive la Crêpe or Yorkville Creperie. Authentic, buckwheat crêpes from Britain. While my mom opted for the classic Parisienne (ham, egg, cheese and mushroom), I had the Veggie, which is filled with a cheesy ratatouille. My sister opted for a Croque Monsieur because she knew she was gonna get some of the Parisienne anyway. Smart girl.

For desert, we shared a Belle Hélène: pears and dark chocolate sauce. Oooh yea. We then walked around Williamsburg and stopped by Mast Brothers Chocolate. You know how I have a branding inspiration board on Pinterest? Well, visiting this boutique/factory is a living experience of a branding pin. Whoever's in charge of Mast Brothers' packaging and store design has nailed it. It's masculine, hipster, delicate and classy at the same time. No wonder these appeal to everyone.

We were offered a sample of a 74% dark chocolate, which was truly delicious. I marvel at the fact that Hershey's still exists when there are so many actual chocolate makers out there. Yes, Mast Brothers is expensive, but you barely need a square of their bars to be transported into cocoa heaven. The taste of fine chocolate stays in your mouth longer, too, so you can savor it for the whole afternoon.

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