sf // kubrick exhibit at cjm

Note: This is a post about a visit to the Contemporary Jewish Museum from back in October. I only just decided to translate my French journal entry into English and borrow a few of the photos my mom took when she went there herself so I can share this here!

The exhibit begins with a wall of posters of all of the director's films. We then discover Kubrick's early career - not in cinema, but rather in the press. Indeed, young Kubrick was initially a photographer for Look magazine - he was only 18 at the time! His expertise in photography, of course, comes out in his films.

The exhibit also explores Kubrick's first short and full-length films, including Flying Padre and Fear and Desire, which I had never previously heard of. My heart beats a little faster when we arrive in front of the section dedicated to Spartacus, which was one of the movies that marked my childhood (in a good way, I'd like to think). It's pretty incredible to see Crassus' costume in real life.

The section I am looking forward to the most is obviously the one on Barry Lyndon. Sadly, it does not feature any architectural models or accessories, though there are three costumes used on the set. Lady Lyndon's dress has unfortunately not been preserved very well, and its lace has somewhat yellowed... but the British soldiers' uniforms retain their splendor! On the walls, there are also beautiful portraits of the film's actors. Enough to make me want to watch Barry Lyndon again and again...

Here are a few other highlights of the exhibit:
  • a model of the maze in The Shining
  • the twins' dresses from The Shining
  • the typewriter from The Shining (redrum!)
  • the female body-shaped chairs from A Clockwork Orange
  • the terrifying baby from 2001: A Space Odyssey
  • a model of the spaceship in 2001: A Space Odyssey
  • two dozen cameras used by Kubrick throughout his career