sf // deyoung

I'm doing a pretty poor job at the whole consistent blogging thing, aren't I? Yes, I know it's been a month since the last entry (which was a catchup entry in itself). Guess this means we have tons to catch up on.

Where am I now? San Francisco! Been here since early August, actually.
Why? Adulting. I've just started my first job at an awesome company.
How do I like it? This city is the bomb. It has the progressive, grassroots, artsy feel of Montreal and the architectural brillio of New York City.

This isn't the only thing I've done here so far, but I figured I had to start somewhere. Without further ado, I present to you: the deYoung Museum!

My new friend Jourdan met me at the deYoung last week for one of its popular Friday night openings. There was fantastic live (Irish?) music, drinks and an all-ages arts and crafts table (our favorite part of the visit). This makes for a diverse crowd and a fun atmosphere.

Now onto the actual art. Aside from the beautiful permanent collection of paintings and sculptures, we were able to see two of the temporary exhibits. (No, we didn't pay to see Ed Ruscha, but someone had also told me it wasn't worth it.) The most memorable exhibit was On the Grind, a collection of fabrics with minimalist designs. I'm hoping this will be the first of many Friday nights at deYoung!