mtl // cca

The Canadian Centre for Architecture (affectionately known as the CCA) is one of my favorite Montreal hidden gems. Joyce had never been, so I took her on a Saturday afternoon this summer. The exhibits are always impeccably displayed, but I must admit they're a little too technical for my non-architecturally educated self. At least I can enjoy the miniature models and dream about owning a copy as a dollhouse for my future kids.

If you do visit the CCA - which is free for students and nearly always empty, by the way - make sure you go into the adjacent Shaughnessy House, in which you can try out the super cool echo chamber.

Unsurprisingly, whenever I go to the CCA, I spend more time in its bookstore than in its actual exhibits. If this is the case when you visit yourself, don't be ashamed. It's not our fault if that bookstore has such an amazing selection of art, design and architecture works.