mtl // au festin de babette

How Ilyana and I ended up at this adorable cafe-restaurant is a rather long story. Basically, our original plan was to go to Replika, which turned out to be full to the brim with other students (this was finals season, you see). Forced to improvise, Ilyana and I walked up and down St.Denis and St.Laurent looking for a spot that would meet our simple millennial needs: one with WiFi, outlets and loads of natural light. Oh, and enough space for the two of us, plus Joyce who was soon to join us.

That's how we stumbled upon Au Festin de Babette, which was and remained completely empty the whole time we were there. The place specializes in all things chocolate - hot chocolate, ice cream and crêpes, too.

Ilyana tries one of their decadent hot chocolates, which she pairs with the Ludo galette, a savory buckwheat crêpe filled with pesto, cheese and tomatoes. It's authentic; I confirm. Having just had breakfast, I try the brioche. It arrives slightly warm, and it's so perfect it's pretty unreal. I'm immediately taken back to my childhood in Paris, when my grandparents would pick me up from school and buy me a brioche from a local bakery on the way to their home. I would always eat this goûter (that's French for '4pm snack'), in a very particular way, and I like to believe every French kid has their own method. My strategy: rip off the 'head' of the brioche and eat it first, before attacking the rest. Similar to the way some people eat their muffins, I guess.

Anyway, I digress. On behalf of Ilyana, Joyce and I, try Au Festin de Babette! You'll be sure to enjoy an authentic, laid-back experience. Wifi and outlets included.