the met // manus x machina

It’s likely I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again just in case: I love our Met membership card. Sure, I might not love it as much if I were actually the one paying for it (thanks, folks), but if you’re a family of 3+, it’s 100% worth the yearly fee. This is especially true now that the Met has expanded into the old Whitney building, but more on that later.

On my second day back in Manhattan, I simply have to check out the museum’s newest fashion exhibit, Manus x Machina. The fact that my sister had already seen it twice and nearly volunteered to accompany me to see it for her third time only heightened my excitement. I had greatly enjoyed the Met’s previous fashion exhibit, despite its cultural appropriation and other potentially offensive flaws, and had great expectations for this one.

Manus x Machina does not disappoint. The pieces - a medley of haute-couture and ready to wear creations - are displayed according to their materials and textures. From the traditional to the high-tech, no technique seems left out. I am left completely enchanted by room after room of mesmerizing dresses made of feathers, flowers, leather, lace and more. Highlights include Iris van Herpen’s avant-garde, phantom-like 3D pieces and a selection of toiles showing the haute couture pattern-making process. It’s rather incredible to see so many of the unique McQueen, Yamamoto, Chanel and Givenchy gowns I’ve been drooling over on Pinterest in real life, all together in a single exhibit.

If you’ve yet to experience Manus x Machina, let me know. This girl needs an excuse to go for round two.