new home in hudson // pt. 2

Last time I was in Hudson, my parents had just started furnishing the house. There were no dining table and chairs, and my mom was still trying to figure out which rug and pillows to put where. Now, a few months later, the place is finally coming together. I don't know where she gets it (I know it's not Pinterest, because she only just discovered how to use it), but my mom has enviable taste.

Anyway, here are a few updated photos of bits and places for you to see for yourself. If you've known our family, you'll recognize the vintage fashion etchings we've pulled out of storage and displayed in the staircase. If memory serves me right, I believe they were Mom's aunt's (or something of the sort).

I forgot to take a picture of it, but Dad made an awesome bench for the entryway and plant holder for the living room. He's picked up woodworking, and who knows where it'll take him. (We've already commissioned him on a number of projects.)