hudson // lazy sunday

No, this isn’t the same entry as the one I posted yesterday. (Apart from the fact we also lazed around, at least.) After another slow morning of weaving, playing Scrabble and listening to random podcasts (perhaps there was also an episode of Preachers’ Daughters squeezed somewhere in there), we head out to Warren Street for lunch. Plan A had been to get food from Once Upon a Taco, but with the heat we figure we’re better off sitting somewhere with more shade. I’m probably better off waiting until I move to San Francisco to get my Mexican fix, anyway.

Olympe saves us a table outside Talbott & Arding, the same cheese / gourmet provisions shop I had written about a few months back. Meanwhile, Mom and I step inside to place our order. We each get something different (sometimes I wonder whether we have a case of family FOMO): Olympe the grilled cheese, Mom the goat cheese sandwich on baguette, and I the zucchini frittata. All are simple and delightful.



We then continue walking up Warren Street, and Mom gets her customary decaf iced coffee from Moto, where she embraces her French side and straight up cuts the line (yes, we know, C├ęcile: “It was an accident.” ;) ).

I discover two new noteworthy shops, the first of which is the lovely Greenwich Letterpress. The latter is stocked with beautiful cards, as well as small gifts, cute notebooks and birthday party gear. You can even order custom stationery, which I can testify - as a (wannabe) graphic designer - is made by some talented folks. MUTINY, a new men’s concept store, will also have you drooling over its questionably useful goods. From beautiful indie publications like Apartamento and Ambrosia to luxury soaps for the wealthy hipster, it’s as overwhelming as a minimalist place can get.




We also pay a visit to our usual stops, which include White Whale Limited and Red Chair. And as usual, I want to buy every single piece of overpriced linen and cutlery sold at Red Chair. Remembering how difficult it had been to serve Mom’s delicious crumble the night before, we select a lovely pie server from White Whale’s seemingly infinite silverware collection. I’m surprised by its low price (only $8?), but our wise matriarch explains silver actually has very little value. Olympe and I pick out three chicken bones from the $1 bone basket (yes, there is such a thing), and manage to negotiate to checkout for $10. Now I just need to figure out how to wire wrap them into a rad necklace.