the konmari way

Hey random readers!

My dear friend Joyce is an expert filmmaker, and she's been making some great productions both for TVM (McGill's video outlet) and for her own channel. I told Joyce about The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, by Marie Kondo, a professional in the field. My mom got it for me over the holidays as a joke, but I actually read it as I was very curious to see what more a neat-freak like me had left to learn. And I learned a lot.

Joyce and I spent an entire afternoon in my room - she filming, I discarding and decluttering. You can watch the final outcome below.

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Note: I don't agree with all of Kondo's philosophies, particularly concerning books. Kondo says she only owns 30 books, which I find rather sad. Books are my friends (OK, that sounds a little horder-like), and I can't imagine getting rid of volumes like Grace or The Burning House even if I'm probably never going to read them again.