cooper hewitt

Cooper Hewitt Museum is less than five blocks away from my parents', so I really had no more excuses not to go there. You would think Cooper Hewitt would be my favorite museum, given the fact it's all about design. However, my mom had gone a few years back and her mediocre review must have kept me from going. The 'pay what you wish' policy on Saturday evenings was the final straw - I simply couldn't resist visiting Cooper Hewitt any longer. (Question: why do museums always make you 'pay what you wish' before you've even visited them? Wouldn't it make considerably more sense for people to give their money to a place after they've decided what they believe it's worth?)

Anyway, Cooper Hewitt was pretty forgettable. Aside from a few visually appealing posters and intriguing textiles, I wasn't thrilled. I did appreciate the architecture exhibit on the upper floor, but overall, the museum leaves to be desired.

Do visit the boutique and café, though! Both are unreasonably expensive, but the shop has many Pin-worthy accessories, including neon notebooks and modern tape dispensers, as well as a nice selection of coffeetable books, and the café has delicious quiches and paninis.