washington weekend // day 3

Sunday is, sadly, the final day of our roommate weekend. Newseum is the main item on our agenda, as we were told it's not only exceptional, but can also take an entire day to visit. Tickets to the museum are not cheap, though they are well worth it. Plus, you can get a free re-entry the following day if you're still in town!

Before going into Newseum, though, we stop by the adjacent Canadian Embassy, which is a beautiful contemporary building. And, of course, we talk a selfie with the sign. Because, Canada.

Newseum is a delight to explore. It's not crowded at all, and has a wide enough variety of well-designed exhibits to please every kind of visitor. When it comes to multi-floor museums, Hannah and I have the same strategy: top-down. This leads us to begin with "Reporting Vietnam", an exhibition centered on the media coverage of the Vietnam War. On the upper floor, there is also a terrace that points out the surrounding buildings and provides a history of the area, as well as a wall displaying the day's newspaper covers from all fifty states and select foreign countries. It's fascinating to compare not only the material that's being covered in the different places of the world, but also the varying angles from which stories are presented.

I won't list every single room we walk through, as I can't stress this enough: Newseum is enormous. However, two additional highlights are a small, but fascinating exhibit on the press coverage of the assassination of Abraham Lincoln (which I knew nothing about), and a screening of a tear-jerking short film around the personal stories of a handful of reporters on 9/11.

We take a quick lunch break at Cosí before returning to Newseum to explore its lower floors and shops.

Hannah knows me all too well, because she's decided to take me to D.C.'s biggest contemporary art institution: the Hirshorn Museum and Sculpture Garden. Despite its bare and rather uninviting exterior, I still find the building quite beautiful. Inside, we stroll through a fantastic collection of modern pieces, including Ernesto Neto's memorable The Dangerous Logic of Wooing (2002).



We have a fair amount of time to spare before my schedule Megabus departure, so we take advantage of the decent weather to walk up to Union Station. This allows us to pass by the Capitol (currently in construction) and Union Station Plaza, a nice park. At the station, we grab dinner at UNO's, which I hadn't been to in many years! (The last time was summer 2011, when I chaperoned a special lunch for the kids at the camp I was a junior counselor for.) You can hate on UNO's all you want, but I find they have perfectly fine food, excellent service and a nice environment.

I'm really sad to leave Hannah, as seeing her these three days has only made me realize how much I miss her. And it's also reminded me of how much I miss our whole gang - my life really does feel empty without Lydia, Grace, Meghan, Anya and Hannah. Only one month left before I see these babes again!