noguchi museum + socrates sculpture park

We've been meaning to visit the Noguchi Museum for years now, and I'm glad to announce we've finally checked it off of our NYC museum bucket list!

First, though, we have lunch at the Melting Pot, a casual Caribbean eatery kind of in the middle of nowhere. Everything on the menu sounds so interesting, it's very difficult for us to make our choices. We settle for one curry goat, one jerk chicken and one brown stew. All are fantastic and complete novelties for us. They come with a few plantains, as well as a generous serving rice & beans, which are incredibly tasty for such simple ingredients (my mom notices the cook adding spices inside her rice cooker - which is something we will be sure to try at home soon).

Sadly, the carrot cake I want to try has already sold out for the day, so we head over to the Noguchi Museum and get a muffin and coffee before our 2pm guided tour. The museum shop - and the entire building, for that matter - is a zen haven. I don't know whether it's the architecture, or the feng shui, or something else, but I definitely feel very calm inside the Noguchi Museum. Our guide, Simone, takes us through the various galleries in reverse chronological order. We thus appreciate the Japanese-American sculptor's later works first, and move back in time to his earlier pieces. I particularly like the temporary exhibits upstairs, one dedicated to Noguchi's famous lamps, and the other to smaller works which had previously been shown at the MoMA. It's fascinating to think Noguchi designed the museum himself, and the placement of most sculptures on the ground floor is completely unchanged from the way he placed them originally.


It's scorching hot out, but we brave the weather and explore the Socrates Sculpture Park for the first time. There's a lovely farmer's market taking place, and we're fortunate to arrive just in time to see an outdoor dance show. The setting - with the park's fantastic view of Manhattan and impressive Living Pyramid sculpture by Agnes Denes - will make you want to stay for hours.