washington weekend // day 1

This is one of those posts I should have written over a month ago, but have been pushing back for no particular reason. Deep apologies to Hannah, who must have felt terribly forgotten since I had promised to publish something about our time together before leaving Washington! Enough with the apologies - behold a fantastic weekend in DC.

When I learned last minute that I got Friday off work, I immediately contacted Hannah to ask if I could come visit her in the capital of our google old U.S. of A. Since June, Hannah's been interning at the Department of Education (which she casually refers to as 'DoE'). I'm incredibly proud of her, not only for having score her dream internship, but also for truly making the most of her time in DC. It sounds like she's met interesting people and taken full advantage of the many cultural and educational events taking place there this summer.

Hannah was delighted to have me over for the weekend, so I quickly booked a Megabus round-trip ticket and two nights in the cheapest hostel I could find (which I won't mention nor recommend given I came back with lice...).

I arrive in the capital early afternoon, and Hannah picks me up at the gigantic Union Station. We take the beautiful and clean (though rather complex when it comes to payment) DC subway to Metro Center (I think). We then walk-'n'-talk between the impressive Smithsonian museums and various administrative buildings, including Hannah's own workplace! I'm fascinated by her insider impressions of the political work scene. For instance, she explains employees are required to go through an airport security-like check before entering the building. There's also no explicit dress code, but the pencil skirt and blazer look is an absolute must. Hmm. Don't think my black skinnies and brass necklaces would quite fit the mold. Not to mention my makeup-less face.

We end up at the Peruvian Folk Life Festival, an colorful outdoor fair dedicated to all things Peru. Highlights include booths teaching us about traditional ship-building, quinoa planting and hand-weaving with beautiful natural wools. Oh, and did I mention ALPACAS? That's right. And they've been shaved, too, which makes them look all the more ridiculously cute.

For dinner, we take the subway up to Woodley Park / Adams Morgan, a more residential neighborhood of quaint townhouses (similar to those found in London) and food places. Walking over to 18th Street, there are dozens of eateries to choose from. Because the weather is so nice, we opt for a table at The Diner, a restaurant recommended by locals. On the menu, the Popeye sandwich immediately catches my eye - and it doesn't disappoint. A well-seasoned, generous portion of spinach, tomatoes and fresh feta cheese on bread - for a mere $6, what more could I ask for? Hannah's jambalaya ($10.50) is equally delicious. We're both 120% full, but the dessert menu is simply too tantalizing to resist. We end up getting a gigantic s'mores milkshake ($5.50) AND a brownie sundae to share. A subsequent quick stop at CVS for Tums (and dry shampoo) is required.