the highline, take 2


With 8.4 million inhabitants and counting, New York is a big city. What never fails to surprise me, however, is the fact I always manage to run into people I know in the most random places. A few weeks ago, for instance, I spent the evening in Williamsburg for dinner at Fabiane’s and a movie at the Nighthawk, and ran into Elliott on the way back to the Bedford station. And just recently, I shared a subway ride on the L train with my childhood friend David, whom I hadn’t seen in over two years! (The last time we saw each other was at our senior prom - he was the best, funnest prom date I could ever have wished for.) Big city, small world.

It turns out David works two blocks down from me in the Meatpacking, so we simply had to plan a lunch out together. Days later, on our Friday lunch break, we thus meet at Gansevoort Market, where we both order arepas from Palenque Colombian Food. Once our orders are ready, we head up on the crowded Highline, find a spot and settle down to eat and chat.

I got a plain arepa, while David went all out with avocado and mushrooms. These arepas are completely different from the ones you would get from Arepera, my favorite South American grub spot in Montreal, but they’re no less delicious. The queso is super fresh, and the bread has a delightful texture.

If you know David, then you know how much of a sweet tooth he is. I clearly remember him feeding solely on candy and other sweets during our school lunch breaks! I’m craving something sweet myself, so we walk over to L’Arte del Gelato for some Italian ice cream. And though the gelato is rather expensive (around $5 for a small cup, I believe), you get to choose two flavors and they’re all divine (you can’t go wrong with chocolate, methinks).

I’m so glad to be reunited with an old friend - stay tuned for potentially more summer adventures with David!