tea + flowers

I don’t drink coffee. Yes, I’m one of those people. Many of my friends have asked me how I’ve gone through all of grade school and two-thirds of college without coffee, and the truth is, I have zero idea. Looks like I’m living proof you don’t need caffeine to pass courses.

What do I drink, you ask? Up until last year, I would wake up to a mug of hot chocolate - prepared using cocoa powder from either the hard-to-find French brand Banania, or the more grown-up Ghirardelli. Recently, though (and this is most likely correlated to my exchange semester in the UK), I’ve taken up a serious tea-drinking habit. At work, I’ll make myself a cuppa in the morning, then keep the tea bag all day and refill my mug three or four times.

I was browsing through my parents’ kitchen pantry the other day and I found a box of loose leaf green tea by the renowned French house Marriage Frères. The packaging is both delicate and sleek, and as upon opening the lid I am greeted by an aesthetically pleasing sight: a mix of tea leaves and a few little pieces of flowers. I rarely use loose leaf, but I manage to put my hand on an infuser somewhere in the ‘misc’ section of our cutlery drawer, so I have no excuse not to try this blend.

I’m not a tea connoisseur (my flatmate Anya is), so don’t expect a wordy, poetic review. All I’m going to say is I greatly enjoy Marriage Frères’s Vert de Provence, and it has become my go-to blend at home. Someone has to finish that box, anyway - it’s probably been sitting there for ages. [On that note, I’m now heading straight to Google for a quick “Does tea expire?” search...]

PS: There’s no story behind the flowers. They were just there and made a nice prop.

PSS: My mom made the monochrome weaving featured in the last two photos. Beautiful, isn't it?