moma // bjork exhibit & more

Today I am finally reunited with my best friend, Hortense! We barely get to see each other now that we're both in college, which took some time for me to adjust to because we used to be together all the time back in high school. We meet at Neil's Coffeeshop - one of my favorite diners - and grab a table by the window.  I know Hortense's brunch order all too well: pancakes with chocolate chips. I get scrambled eggs, which is a little strange considering I didn't have them at all while in Edinburgh! My favorite part, though, is not the eggs themselves but the scrumptious potatoes they are paired with. I wonder how they get them so nice.

Afterward, we walk down Madison avenue - something neither of us had done in a while - and make a right on 54th until we reach the MoMA. There, my mom meets us to get us tickets using her membership card, because as much as we love modern art, there's no way we're paying $25 each!

We first go up to the sixth floor, where there is a temporary exhibit dedicated to the artist Yoko Ono. I'm not familiar with her works, which are primarily performance art pieces, but I very much enjoy them.

Back down on the second floor, we experience Bjork's Black Lake, an immersive music video shown on two screens. I am slightly underwhelmed because my parents had spoken so highly of it, but it's still an impressive production. After 'Black Lake', we take a trip down memory lane in the Bjork Cinema, where music videos from the performer's entire career are being shown. We stay to watch a couple, the most memorable being 'Who Is It?', in which Bjork wears a bell dress specially created by Alexander McQueen. I wish we had been able to see 'Bachelorette', my personal favorite, which I imagine must be spectacular on a big screen (it was directed by Michel Gondry).

Sadly, Hortense has to head off early, so I am left to explore more galleries on my own. I am able to see a nice exhibit on Warhol's early works, as well as one about object design.

Andy Warhol
A la Recherche du Shoe Perdue - 1955

Design exhibit:

Cinderella Table - 2004

Contemporary art exhibit:

Kerstin Bratsch
Unstable Talismanic Rendering 27 - 2014

Doris Salcedo
Atrabilliarios, 1992

Exploitation of the Dead
Mladen Stillinovic, 1984

Finally, I use my 2:30pm timed ticket to enter the installation I had been looking forward to the most: Songlines. A high-quality audioguide leads me through a forty-minute visit of the exhibit, which is essentially a retrospective narrative of Bjork's musical career so far. The rooms include costumes worn by the artist in music videos and at events, as well as some of her personal notebooks. The quality of the headphones makes for a very pleasant journey inside Bjork's creative brilliance.