gansevoort market + the new whitney

My first day back in NY, we decide to head down to the new Whitney museum that has recently opened in the Meatpacking District. I'm slightly bitter they closed down its previous location on 75th street, not only because it was conveniently close to us, but also because I liked its perfect size and architecture.

The Meatpacking District is - quite fittingly - packed. It appears the place is now listed in tourist guides, because it's nearly impossible to enjoy the Highline in peace, yet alone to find a seat at Chelsea Market. Fortunately, a new market has opened a few blocks down. At Gansevoort, there are food choices for nearly anyone. My dad and Olympe get arepas, while my mom gets a lobster roll and I a slice of pizza. Everything turns out to be delicious, except for mom's lobster roll, which she criticizes for being too dry. I hadn't had a decent slice of pizza in months, because cheap pizzas are pretty terrible in Europe. It's good to be back.

The line to get inside the Whitney is huge, but we're smart enough to have bought our tickets online beforehand, which allows us to go straight in. The entire museum is filled with a single exhibit entitled America is Hard to See. It's essentially a chronological and thematic selection of works from the Whitney's collection. I've included some of my favorites below!

Jackson Pollock
Number 27 - 1950

Ruth Asawa
Number 1 - 1955

Andreas Feininger
Diver - 1949

Alvin Loving
Rational Irrationalism - 1969

Eva Hesse
No Title - 1969

John Currin
Skinny Woman - 1992

Jean-Michel Basquiat
Hollywood Africans - 1983

Edward Ruscha
The Old Tool and Die Building - 1994