copenhagen // day 6

I have a hard time admitting to myself that my stay in Copenhagen is coming to an end. It’s my final day, and I have until early afternoon to visit two more museums before I take the ferry over to Oslo. I pack my bag and, unfortunately carry it like on my back like a mule all the way to Thorvaldsen Museum (free on Wednesdays – it’s all part of the plan). You can’t miss the museum, since its peculiar exterior is a standout yellow. Thorvaldsen features many imposing statues - really, some of them are unusually massive - but what really captivates me are its beautifully painted blue ceilings.

For lunch I return to Torvehallerne Food Market and order a barley-otto (barley risotto) from the Grød stall (Grød also has a restaurant two minutes away from my hosts’ place, on Jaegersborggade). I get it ‘to go’ and eat it outside on one of the round tables. My savory porridge is perfectly cheesy and lemony. It’s a great option if you’re looking for a quick, hearty and warming meal.

This leaves me just enough time to visit the Hirschsprung Museum (also free on Wednesdays – which was also part of my plan – muah haha). The museum is not very big, but the fantastic (and free) audio tour can keep you in there for over an hour. So even if you’re not a fan of the paintings aesthetic-wise, there’s plenty to learn about both their artists and their backstories.

Soon enough, it’s time for me to grab my heavy load back from the cloakroom and make my way over to the ferry terminal. I’m rather giddy upon boarding the DFDS Ferry. I was only four the last time I spent the night on a boat, going from the South of France to Corsica with my dad and godfather (the only thing I remember is winning a toy dolphin from the game room). My room is on deck 6, just across from the ‘Bubble Bar’ (which is actually not a champagne bar but a pool/jacuzzi/sauna complex). I have my own bathroom, and comfortable bed, and a towel and soap are even provided! It definitely equates to being in a nice hotel room.

I grab my copy of Emma and head up to the upper deck. There are no clouds in sight, and I actually get so warm I gradually shed all my layers until I’m left in a T-shirt. Soon enough, however, the ferry takes off and the wind forces me to re-dress completely. Pretty sure I managed to get a quick tan though.

The night falls and I venture into one of the dining areas for some entertainment. Aside from a mildly amusing horse race game for kids and a decent band playing covers of Sting, it’s rather uneventful (I hear there’s a nightclub on board, if that’s your thing). I’m perfectly content with going to bed early, and the boat’s soft rocking puts me into an instant sleep.