copenhagen // day 3

My day begins at the National Museum, where I first learn about the history of Denmark, from its formation in the prehistoric times to the way it is today. There is also a fascinating temporary exhibit around cosplay, which teaches me about the cosplay culture and origins both in Denmark and Japan.

I have lunch at Torvehallerne Food Market. Everything looks incredibly tempting, but I settle for a Vegetar sandwich from Smag (48 DKK). From the rye bread to the vegetarian meatballs, hummus and arugula, it’s both filling and refined. For dessert I grab a blueberry cheesecake-like pastry from a nearby bakery by the name of Naturbageriet.

In the afternoon, I visit Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, a museum is built around the personal collection of Carl Jacobsen (1842-1914), the son of the founder of Carlsberg brewery. There’s a lovely winter garden inside, as well as many ancient and more recent sculptures. (Side rant: At one point, I nearly lose my shit upon seeing a tourist actually touching a statue’s beard. Seriously, some people have NO respect for art. It annoys me even more than wild children in museums.) Anyway. There’s a rather impressive collection of Rodin statues inside, which makes me miss my best friend Hortense, who happens to be both a talented sculptor and a fan of Rodin’s herself.

On my way back to Dørte’s I decide to walk along Nørrebrogade. There are many good-looking eateries on both sides of this street, including Social Ice Cream, where each scoop you buy provides a certain amount of money to charity. That’s some solid social entrepreneurship inspiration right there! Most shops are closing, but I manage to stop into Prag for a few minutes. This vintage boutique has fur coats, cowboy boots, and a good selection of dresses organized by decade (the 1960’s section is just delightful), all at reasonable prices (though nothing beats Eva B’s). I try on a pair of pointy black leather booties, which unfortunately turn out a size too big.

I then turn left onto Jagtvej, and right upon reaching Jaegersborggade. This street has a dozen independent shops and food places that are clearly cherished by locals. If you’re in the area, I highly recommend you check it out for dinner! For my own meal, I savor the delicious vegetarian empanada I had picked up earlier from L’Appétit, a little eatery close to Nørreport.