just gather film festival // documentary evening

This week, the University of Edinburgh is putting on Gather, a fantastic festival comprised of over 70 events. Tomorrow, I'll be going to Gorgie Farm, so look out for another post soon!

Tonight, I swap my usual pub quiz at the Pleasance (we always place last anyway) for a documentary screening organized by the Just Gather Film Festival, a subset of Gather. The screening consists in eight short films by independent directors.

I have neither heard of nor seen any of the documentaries, but I absolutely love each and every one of them. Before I head to bed, I just thought I'd share the most memorable ones. Nearly all of them are available for free on Vimeo!

Tim Travers Hopkins // 2010 // 9'05"

"We explore 21st century suburbia in the city of Suprise, Arizona, a man made oasis, a master-planned community where residents go to great lengths to ensure life is as safe as possible."

YuHsueh Lin // 2012 // 12'

"Beginning his solitary shift as most of us are going home, a young Chinese takeaway driver delivers food to faceless customers, alone in the car with only his thoughts and dreams for company…."

Available for rental here at the Scottish Documentary Institute.

How to Save a Fish From Drowning
Kelly Neal // 2007 // 13'

"A film about the death of white rural America told through the voices of three old men fishing on a frozen lake. In a landscape cloaked in snow and hovering in a bright nothingness, they escape their wives, chew the fat about neighbours in their town as they wait…"

Accessible here on Vimeo.

Amy Rose // 2010 // 12'24"

"Tea and cake, stilettos and gentle murmurs; old ladies in an Essex church welcome a towering transvestite into their midst. But families ask questions that polite old ladies do not dare; this is an observational film about courage, family and the cost of being happy."

Accessible here on Vimeo.