new room, new semester

After a long, uncomfortable and freezing bus trip, I finally made it back to Montreal this morning. Despite having slept only two hours (barely) on the way, I simply couldn't resist unpacking and cleaning the entire house, which my roommates and I did as a team (divide and conquer method).

And with the final touches - pillows, bedspread, fake plants - my room finally came together. I can't wait to sleep there for the first night in a few hours!

Seeing the girls again was incredibly exciting and heartwarming. So was buying our first family packs of toilet paper and paper towels (which I call 'kitchen paper', to everyone else's hilarity).

Good luck to everyone starting classes tomorrow!

 bookshelf (ikea)

 my CD collection

 jewelry tree (UO) // faux plant (Target) // Jason Schwartzman pillow (Etsy)

Homemade garland // Mirror brought back from Morocco