lazy-girl makeup

Magazines are always writing about the French woman's effortless beauty look. But the truth is, what Americans call "effortless chic", we Frenchies just call "natural laziness". We buy less products, spend way less money on makeup and way less time in front of the mirror (seriously, using a communal bathroom in college last year made me realize how much time I actually save).

I won't speak for all French women - that'd be supporting a stereotype - but I can speak for myself. I'm genuinely not that interested in makeup. I'm not against it, though. The three biggest reasons I wear minimal makeup are:
             i. It takes time to put on.
             ii. It takes time (and is a pain in the a**) to remove.
             iii. I want people to see me as naturally as possible.

That being said, I rarely leave the house with a completely bare face. Otherwise I've been told I look quite tired, which is not exactly the impression you want to give your colleagues and superiors at work...

So here is my 2-minute morning beauty routine. Let me know if you try it!

Every day

Margarite - Zinc Cream
I've been applying Zinc cream since 2006. In my early teenage years I had rather terrible skin - greasy, breaking out...the whole package. Not only does the Zinc cream help prevent breakouts, but it also blends with your skin tone. So it's basically a natural, healthy and healing BB Cream. I use this cream around my nose, and occasionally on my forehead. I never wear actual foundation - powder is uncomfortable for both my skin and my contact-wearing eyes, and liquid foundation feels like I'm wearing a mask.

BB Cream
It's not super comfortable, and it probably dries out my skin, but it sort of does the job when it comes to hiding dark circles. I say "sort of" because I'm hoping to find a better solution when I'm done with this tube. The area around my eyes doesn't need the anti-breakout properties of the Zinc cream, which is why I use the BB Cream there instead.

The fun stuff (once or twice a week...)

Nars - Unlawful
My colleague, makeup-expert and dear friend Sandrine gave me this one back in June. I had never even owned blush before, but it's relatively quick and effortless to apply, so I've recently started incorporating it into my routine. This shade works best for my skin, but you may want to test out different ones for yourself!

Chanel - Rouge Allure
Any red lipstick will do, but I'm particularly fond of this color. It's bright, cheerful and edgy. I wear a lot of black and navy, which make for a great contrast with the red. In fact, I don't own any others.
Warning: Applying red lipstick can be addicting. Using this product every day can result in people actually noticing when you're not wearing it. Nothing in excess, everything in moderation.

Pencil Eyeliner
This one is perfect for a subtle cat-eye. I never wear mascara, again because of my contact lenses (that, and I rub my eyes quite often), so this pencil works best for me.