essential shoes part 1: spring + summer

Shoes are one of the articles I don't buy often, but have a core collection of. Because in the end, I always wear the same ones anyway, so there's no point in owning more than the essentials!

For spring/summer, this collection consists of four types of shoes. I suggest owning one of each, except perhaps for the Converse (since they work year round) and the sandal (for variety).

T H E    H E E L E D    C L O G

Retro & edgy, the heeled clog is basically an elevated sandal. I'm rather clumsy in heels, but I'll make the sacrifice for these bad boys. Plus, they're really not too difficult to walk in. Only con: the pair I own has a wooden sole, which probably makes everyone else cringe every time I move around at the office.

Braided Sky High in Mustard - Suzanne in Black
by Swedish Hasbeens

T H E   S N E A K E R

Classic. You can't go wrong with these neutral colors. I personally own the navy, because I can't imagine how dirty the white ones would look after a day in the city.
Tip: buy Converse one size too big. Your foot won't fall out with the many laces, and it'll just be so comfortable. 

Chuck Taylor Navy // Chuck Taylor Optical White
by Converse

T H E   S A N D A L

Perhaps the most obvious type of summer shoe. You'll be wearing these 80% of the time, so unlike for heels, don't buy that pair that's beautiful but torturous and impractical. You want a both supple and sturdy model. And you probably want more than one. For instance, I own a pair of silver sandals (a Moroccan knock-off of the one below) and a pair of black crocodile ones. Depending on the colors in the rest of my outfit and the formality of the occation, I'll choose either one.

Darius Pul Natural Leather // Homere Metallic Silver
by K.Jacques

T H E   E S P A D R I L L E

You know what's hilarious? Espadrilles are sold for $5 throughout hypermarkets in France. In Southern Europe, this is considered a modest type of shoe. So to see these being done by high-end designers such as Valentino and selling for hundreds is rather puzzling to me. Anyway, they're super comfortable and are a good alternative to ballet flats.
by Soludos