cloudy afternoon at brooklyn flea + artists and fleas

After my weaving class on Saturday, I took the subway to meet a friend at one of my favorite markets: Brooklyn Flea. Unfortunately, we got there thirty minutes before closing time, so many vendors were already putting their merchandise away. But we did get to drop by some of my favorite booths, including the lovely Kate Durkin Illustration and SKT Ceramics. My friend bought the most adorable miniature donut plush from Kate Durkin - I'll definitely be buying my currently non-existent kids' doudous (French for comfort animal?) there.

As for SKT Ceramics, I'll probably be adding half of Brooklyn-based artisan Susannah Tisue's stock to my currently non-existent wedding registry. The ceramics are beautifully made, and though they appear delicate, are actually quite sturdy.

Kate Durkin Illustration
SKT Ceramics

small fawn mug - $49 // small pig bowl - $38 

We then to the G and L trains to Williamsburg, where I just had to show my friend another of my favorite markets, Artists & Fleas. I've actually sold at this market myself, so it was pretty sweet to go back and see all of the new and old vendors there. I discovered many new brands, one of those being KT Ferris Creations. Handmade by KT, this jewelry collection brilliantly incorporates doll eyes (yes, you read that right) into many of its designs. The eyes still open and close with movement! The co-existing eeriness and playfulness of these pieces reminds me of the works of Mark Ryden. Little creepy, so much wow.

KT Ferris Creations


BlissfulCASE was another local brand that caught my eye. Though I didn't stop by their booth for long (avoiding temptation?), while browsing through the BlissfulCASE website I discovered an amalgam of great iPhone, iPad and other device case covers. And unlike many vendors today, this brand actually has products made for iPhone 4/4S. Too bad I'm still in a committed relationship to my current case!


color block sq mint - $29.99 // color block sq lemon  - $29.99